The HCA Executive Team consists of elected resident volunteer leaders who serve and represent all the residents of HUB, both within and in the larger university community. HCA Elections are held every March and are open to all HUB residents.

President - Keita Hill

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as HCA President this year.

One of the great assets we have at HUB is our diverse community of over 800 residents from more than 20 different countries. Representing that diversity is really important.

Our 2012-2013 HCA survey collected quantifiable metrics on our organization's performance and opportunities for improvement. I've reviewed these results and individual comments with great interest.

Resoundingly, our office services were highlighted as a core value you receive from the HCA. You also wanted better infrastructure - better internet access, improvements to the Vault furnishings and better exercise equipment in our gym. Our most popular events are the free food events and the bottle depot and we will work to continue and expand these programs.

So I want you to know I am listening. And our executive team is working to implement the things you said mattered.

We also heard your voice during the association fee referendum. You gave us the imperative to strive to do more without raising fees, and I am confident our team will find ways to accomplish that.

I hope to continue these important conversations with you as the year progresses. I appreciate your comments and suggestions at president@hublife.ca.

Thank you for choosing to call HUB your home, and for your membership in the HCA.



Vice President (Communications) - Bertie Chen

I am Bertie and I am excited to act as your VP Communications for this year! My tasks mostly deal with making event posters and the HUB Insider newsletter, but something that I am hoping to do this year would be to continue integrating social media into HUB and expand it. We already have an active Facebook and Twitter page (which I manage), and our presence online is ever growing. With most of our residents active online, I am hopeful that the internet is another outlet in which we can engage residents.

Besides my HCA duties, I play the saxophone (barely) and enjoy pretty things. I hope we can talk and discuss anything, you can email me at the link below. Thank you!~


Vice President (Finance and Administration) - Jiaxin Xiong

Hi, everyone. I’m Jiaxin and I’m entering my second year of Finance. I’m looking forward to being your VP Finance and Administration. My goal is to increase the transparency and the involvement. So you can see about the HCA budget update every month and the HLT minutes.

Here’s about myself. I like reading fiction and watching tv series (drama!) in my free time. I enjoy playing sports like badminton, squash and table tennis. I’m going to improve table tennis in this term! Another thing I’m interested is making friends with people of different ages and different jobs . It’s quite interesting to listen to their own story.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact me!


Vice President (Operations) - Rebekah Seiler

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone! I am Rebekah Seiler, and I have lived in HUB for 2 years now. I am going into my third years of being a U of A student in the Faculty of Science (studying Psychology).

As your VP of Operations this next school year, I am excited about making the Vault a more welcoming place to hang out and spend time with friends, and making sure that the things in the Vault are all working.

In my spare time I like to sleep, read classic novels, watch BBC TV shows like Sherlock or Dr. Who, and taking walks on nice days.

If you have any questions about using the Vault, would like to report a broken item, or would like to suggest something you would like for the vault, please contact me! I really would like to know what you want, so contact me!


Vice President (Programming) - Ami Vora

Hello HUB residents!

My name is Ami Vora and  I am entering my second year in studying a Specialization in Biochemistry. I look forward to planning and executing social events for the year, as I  have many new ideas. My goal is to increase the number of events/ programs that require low commitment from residents - this will encourage them be more socially active within the HUB Community. I will be organizing more events that prove to be convenient for residents in HUB.

I love to play sports - badminton, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, martial arts - but don't like to work out. 
One of many characteristics that defines me: competitive.

If you have suggestions for events or how improve past events, email me at ami@hublife,ca.


Vice President (Volunteers) -  Winnie Lo

Hello, I'm Winnie! I'll be entering my 3rd year in Science, and am looking forward to being VP Volunteers for the upcoming year :) My goal is for HUB residents to feel that living in HUB has enhanced their university experience!

As for what I like - that could end up being an incredibly long list, but a quick summary: I am an avid artist in my spare time - I enjoy drawing both pen and pencil, as well as working with mediums such as ink and tablet. Generally free time alternates between art and reading (fiction and manga!). Another activity I enjoy and having been improving on is badminton. I would definitely appreciate more partners and opponents anytime!

If you have any questions or concerns, want to volunteer, or just want to chat, feel free to contact me at: winnie@hublife.ca


Executive Power!!!~

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