The HCA Executive Team consists of elected resident volunteer leaders who serve and represent all the residents of HUB, both within and in the larger university community. HCA Elections are held every March and are open to all HUB residents.

President - Ami Vora

Dear HUB residents, 

MY name is Ami Vora, and I will be serving as HCA President for this year. My goal is to increase discussion of issues in HUB between residents and increase transparency of decision and discussions that take place between the HCA and external groups (i.e. Residence Services or Students' Union). My executive team and I will be working towards increasing resident involvement in residence by creating new leadership and volunteer opportunities. 

Somethings about myself: I am a third year Biochemistry student and have been living in HUB for 3 years now. I commit much of my time to volunteering and working with children. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports (soccer, badminton, and Ultimate frisbee), trying out new recipes, and watching movies. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at ami@hublife.ca 


Vice President (Finance and Administration) - Jiaxin Xiong

Hi, everyone. I’m Jiaxin and I’m entering my second year of Finance. I’m looking forward to being your VP Finance and Administration. My goal is to increase the transparency and the involvement. So you can see about the HCA budget update every month and the HLT minutes.

Here’s about myself. I like reading fiction and watching tv series (drama!) in my free time. I enjoy playing sports like badminton, squash and table tennis. I’m going to improve table tennis in this term! Another thing I’m interested is making friends with people of different ages and different jobs . It’s quite interesting to listen to their own story.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact me!


Vice President (Communications) - Yara Sayegh

Hi everyone! I am Yara and I am excited to be your VP Communications for this upcoming year! My position is mainly about making event posters and flyers, and the HUB Insider newsletter, as well as promoting our events and activities on the internet and social media. Make sure to follow our Facebook page and Twitter account, and visit this website when you need any information about what's going on in HUB. Since most of our residents are active online, the internet is a major way that we would be communicating with you by, and encouraging engagement!

About me - I've been living in HUB for a year and half now, and in September I will be going into my fourth year as an Art and Design major. I love playing and watching sports - you might find me in the vault playing ping pong sometimes, so come and join :) ), working out, dancing, listening to music, and I also pretty much watch every series there is out there. 

If you have any questions you can email me at yara@hublife.ca. And if you see me around HUB come and say Hi :)


Vice President (Operations) - Rebekah Seiler

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone! I am Rebekah Seiler, and I have lived in HUB for 2 years now. I am going into my third years of being a U of A student in the Faculty of Science (studying Psychology).

As your VP of Operations this next school year, I am excited about making the Vault a more welcoming place to hang out and spend time with friends, and making sure that the things in the Vault are all working.

In my spare time I like to sleep, read classic novels, watch BBC TV shows like Sherlock or Dr. Who, and taking walks on nice days.

If you have any questions about using the Vault, would like to report a broken item, or would like to suggest something you would like for the vault, please contact me! I really would like to know what you want, so contact me!


Vice President (Volunteers) - Rabib Alam

Greetings, lovely HUB Residents!


I am taking up this wonderful opportunity to serve you all as VP Volunteers this year. The best part about volunteering is how it forms new bonds amongst people. Therefore, as residents, volunteering will definitely strengthen our inner bonds within the HUB community to make

HUB mall stand out to be one of the strongest communities in the UofA campus. This is precisely my goal this year! I am here to strengthen bonds, help you learn, succeed and take back some experiences with you that you can look back at and smile. Living in an on campus resident is more than just a “going home and sleeping and waking up to go to classes” experience. In order to get the real feel of your university life experience, we must get involved. Involve, serve, learn and succeed- few things I would like all you to keep in mind. Remember, you only go to university once. Let’s make the most out of it. Cheers!

p.s. A little bit about myself- I am going into my third year of Petroleum Engineering. I have come all the way from my sweet motherland, Bangladesh to my second home Canada about two years ago. If you want to spend time with me your best bet would be to ask me for a game of squash, cricket, soccer (maybe) or just simply be my chilling buddy! Always feel free to email me with your questions or just stop by during my office hours to say hi. I am always happy to help. You can contact me at rabib@hublife.ca


Vice President (Programming) -  Winnie Lo

Hello HUB Residents! My name is Winnie and I'm happy to say that I will be your VP Programming for 2014-2015! This means that I have a lot of fun events planned for this next year, whether they be held in our community lounge, The Vault, or outside of the Edmonton Area! Some of the events we have lined up so far include our first ever trip to the Calgary Stampede, our annual Banff Trip, Ski Trip, HUB Megamall Party, and much more! Be sure to check your stairwells and emails so you can get tickets!

I am currently entering my first year in the Faculty of Pharmacy! In my spare time, I like to draw with pen and pencil, and some other mediums such as ink and tablet. I also spend far too much of my time reading fiction and manga :)

If you have any ideas for possible trips or events, questions, or concerns about ongoing programs, feel free to contact me! Your feedback is always welcome.


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