The HCA Executive Team consists of elected resident volunteer leaders who serve and represent all the residents of HUB, both within and in the larger university community. HCA Elections are held every March and are open to all HUB residents.

President - Rabib Alam

Hello HUB Residents!

A warm welcome to those of you who are new in the HUB Student Residence and a huge shout out to those who are staying back for another year here!

The experience of serving as VP volunteers for the past one year was an eye-opener. The huge potentials the HCA possesses in enhancing the student residence became far clearer to me. As the year progressed, we made huge strides in improving the quality of events, which we were recognized for as we went on to win the Most Outstanding Community of the Year award. However, as a resident and an exec, I must admit that residence involvement in our events wasn’t highly commendable. Not only that, our quality of living in the residence continued to diminish due to prolonged arguments and confusions over residence cleaning charges. Safety and Security for our residents had been another major issue that had been brought up to the authority over and over again.

I believe that acknowledging the problems and setting goals in solving them become integral in our governance and advocacy process. Therefore, with an amazing HCA executive team to work with this year and with continued support from the Residence Halls Association and the Students’ Union, I plan on improving our advocacy efforts to get the residents’ voices heard and protect them from unfair charges or rulings. I will also initiate conversations with the residence services authority for better security at the Mall level, and implement the best courses of actions as the year goes on.

When it comes to improving residence involvement, realizing that HUB is composed of residents from almost every corner of the world, we will continue to put a focus on cultural-based programming that introduces International students to Canadian experience (Thanksgiving dinner, Halloween Night, HUB Formal (Yess!!)), or even programming that allows a particular culture to showcase their culture to everyone else (Chinese New Year, Diwali, etc). Everyone’s living room, The Vault, will also go through some major changes as we have plans of renovating the gym and improve services offered by the HUB Rental/Executive office.

All in all, I am here to make sure we work together as a team and one big family to enhance the HUB residence life. For any questions, complaints, or even words of love and encouragement, feel free to shoot me an email at Rabib@hublife.ca or President@hublife.ca


Rabib Alam

President 2015-16

Vice President (Finance and Administration) - Brian Feng

Hi, everyone. I’m Brian Feng and I’m entering my second year of Finance. I’m looking forward to being your VP Finance and Administration.My goal is to increase the transparency and the involvement. So that you can see about the HCA budget update every month and the HLT minutes.

Here’s about myself. I like playing pool and poker. (There is a pool table in the vault. So, if you want we could play in the vault.) I am also enjoy playing sports like badminton and soccer. In addition, I’m planning to go to gym everyday in this semester! The last thing I’m interested is making friends with people of different ages and different jobs . It’s quite interesting to listen to their own story.

Thereby, If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact me!

Brian@hublife.ca or vp.finance@hublife.ca

Vice President (Communications) - Amteshwar Sandhu

Hello everyone! 

I'm Amteshwar and will be serving as VP communication for HUB this year. I will be working towards making sure that none of the residents are missing out on getting involved in residence life. One of my main goals is woking towards better communication between the HUB residents and the HLT (hub leadership team).  All the ideas and programs, events etc. that are being planned by the HLT will be conveyed to the residents through poster, flyers, hub insider, tabling, hublife.ca, facebook and twitter page. Don't forget to like and follow the HUB community page. Also, as you're here please check out the upcoming events and ongoing events.

A bit about myself, I am entering third year for civil engineering. In my free time I like to read, watch tv series, play ping pong, badminton and other sports for fun. Also, I like to travel, make new friends, learn about their views and culture etc. I plan to devote my best work towards the HUB community and help win the Most Outstanding Community Award again this year!

Feel free to contact me for any question or suggestions at sandhu@hublife.ca or VP.Communications@hublife.ca AND if you see me around come and say hi :)

Vice President (Operations) - Jane Yu

Hello 你好 Nei Ho Bonjour Hola Hallo ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ नमस्ते 今日は 안녕하세요 xin chào

My name is Mengji Yu (Jane) and I am your Vice President Operations this year. I am from China and I speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and a little bit French. I am entering third year for Petroleum Engineering and working as SU councilor for engineering student society (ESS).

I have been living in HUB for two years now thus, very familiar with almost everything. One of my goals this year is to help each resident feel HUB community like a family. I really appreciate the community since it helps me meet lots of new friends here. We can meet up in spare time and enjoy so much that HUB community has to offer such as going shopping, go to the vault, play pool, gym, ping pong etc. Also, residents from different countries exchange their culture, views and learn different languages. I would really like to encourage everyone to come to the Vault, get involved in residence life and join our awesome upcoming events. HUB stood out to be the best residence at U of A last year. Lets endeavor for it again!! 

As your VP Operations this year, I am excited about making the Vault a more welcoming place to hang out and spend time with friends. Some new equipment will be bought every month to upgrade facilities in the Vault. Feel free to drop by any suggestions or questions about the Vault facilities. Also please report any broken equipment or damages to prevent injuries.
Feel free to contact me at janeyu@hublife.ca or VP.Operations@hublife.ca for any questions.

I love to be your friend and always happy to help. Remember my face and come to say hi :)

Vice President (Volunteers) - Britney

Hello HUB residents! I am excited to be your VP Volunteers for the upcoming year! Residents living in HUB have different cultural backgrounds, but volunteers are the glue that holds the whole community together. I am here to allow more residents to connect to HUB community and make it a better place. Once one of the volunteers told me, “I studied for a whole day and taking a one-hour shift in the general office is precisely a study break.” Yes! Volunteering not only kindles happiness, but can be a relaxing, energizing escape from your day-to-day routine of school. If wanting to get involved, make friends, and learn more social skills, you are always welcome to volunteer for us!

About me – I came to Edmonton from my hometown, Beijing two years ago. In September, I am going into my third year of Nutrition and Food Science. My ideal is to become a registered dietician. If you have problem making healthy food choices, come and spend time with me. In my spare time I like to play the piano, read cooking books, take walks (not in winter) and go shopping.

Always feel free to email me with your questions (britney@hublife.ca or VP.Voluntees@hublife.ca or drop by during office hours and say hi! I am always willing to help you!

Vice President (Programming) -  Jeanie To

Hi all! I am going to be serving as your VP Event for this coming year! I am in my third year of Nutrition and Food Science Program. I love food and am passionate about cooking. I am interested in knowing the relationship between food and health. I would like to be a dietitian in my future career in order to increase the lifespan and quality of life, simply by promoting healthy diet.

As for events in our HUB student residence, I look forward to organize more fun and interesting events that will continue to enhance the experience of our lives as HUB residents. Be excited everyone because we have some amazing events coming up such as the Calgary stampede trip, Banff Trip, ski trip, Thanks giving dinner, Ping Pong Tournament and MANY MORE!!!

If you have any suggestions or ideas about our events, or would simply love to volunteer towards managing them with me, please feel free to get in touch with a quick email at Jeanie@hublife.ca or VP.Events@hublife.ca 

Jeanie :)

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