Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I pay my rent?
Rent can be paid online by credit card by clicking here. Rent can be paid in-person by cheque or debit card during regular office hours at the East Campus Housing Office, located in International House. Rent can be paid by cash only at the Lister Centre Front Desk. Rent is due on the first of each month.

How do I get my ONEcard set up to access the Vault?
All HUB residents should automatically have access to the Vault enabled within a few days of moving in. If you are a HUB resident and your ONEcard is not letting you in to the Vault, please visit the East Campus Housing Office (located in International House) during regular office hours to have your card activated.

How do I get parking?
Due to limited parking available on campus, Residence Services discourages residents from bringing vehicles to residence. If you do choose to bring a vehicle, limited monthly parking permits may be available from Parking Services, subject to space availability. You may also want to consider using the U-Pass or the Connect by Hertz program to meet your transportation needs.

Looking for a secure space to store your bicycle on campus?
Parking Services offers year-round bicycle storage in a locked compound in the Education Carpark (behind St. Joseph's College) for only $10 per month.  You will receive a key to the compound and will have unlimited in-and-out privileges for your bicycle, making the service ideal for day-to-day storage as well as long term storage (such as Winter storage).  For more information please contact Parking Services directly at 780-492-7275 or visit their office at 1-051 Lister Centre.

Where can I leave things I no longer want (eg. dishes, furniture)?
You are responsible for the removal of all personal items when you vacate HUB. Please do not leave unwanted items in a stairwell. You may receive a cleaning charge for doing so. During high move-out periods (eg. the end of April) a garbage dumpster will be located outside of HUB to dispose of unwanted furniture. Due to increasing concerns involving pests in used furniture, neither the HCA nor Residence Services are able to provide assistance in purchasing, selling or exchanging used furniture. Further, both the HCA and Residence Services discourage you from bringing any used furniture into your unit. If this furniture contains pests you can be held responsible for pest control and cleaning charges.

Where do I dispose of garbage and recycling?
Household garbage can be disposed of in the large garbage chute located just down the hallway from the mailboxes. There is also paper, cardboard, metal and plastic recycling available in this area. Please do not dump household garbage in the white garbage bins in the mall, or else you may receive a charge.

How do I join the HUB email listserv?
All HUB residents should automatically have their email address added to the HUB email listserv within a few days of moving in. Listserv messages are generally sent out once per week. If you are not receiving listserv messages be sure to check that you do not have a spam blocker that is blocking the messages. If you are still not receiving messages please contact the Residence Coordinator at and indicate that you would like to subscribe to the listserv.

How do I deal with noise issues (eg. noise from the mall or noisy neighbour)?
HUB has community standards regarding noise. Quiet hours are nightly on Sundays to Thursdays from 10:00pm to 8:00am, and Fridays and Saturdays from midnight to 8:00am. Quiet hours are also extended during final exam periods. Noise should not be heard during quiet hours by anyone else in adjoining rooms. Noise outside of quiet hours is acceptable, but it must still be reasonable noise. If you are having a noise issue and are comfortable doing so, speak with the individual making the noise and kindly ask them to please turn down the volume of the noise. If this does not work or you are not comfortable talking to the individual, please contact the HUB RA On-Call at 780-619-6244 to respond.

Who are the HCA Executive?
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Who are the RAs?
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