FIFA World Cup 2010


The HUB Leadership Team brings you the FIFA World Cup 2010 with a bang!

Come join us in the Vault (bottom of stairwell 9114), and watch your favourite teams compete with one another – Cheer for your home country or for the country you want to win the Cup! 

The game schedule is shown below. All 5:30 am games will be shown on request. To make a request, please email Ephrem ( or Aditya (

All other games will be shown, except for the games on June 25 due to the HUB power shutdown.

What: FIFA World Cup 2010
Where: HUB Vault (Bottom of stairwell 9114)
Who: HUB Residents & their guests (non HUB residents who are not with a HUB resident will not be allowed)
When: See calendar below

FIFA World Cup

Note about the attachment: The attached spreadsheet is for your pleasure so that you may keep track of the World Cup proceedings. The HLT takes no credit for the excel spreadsheet and no responsibility for any problems caused by downloading it.

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