LAN Party 2010

Game for glory!  The HUB Community Association will be hosting its first-ever LAN Party on November 13th, starting at noon in the Vault.

  • What is a LAN Party?
    • It's a party with computer game tournaments!  People bring their computers and connect them to create a Local Area Network (LAN), and compete with each other in epic game showdowns!  (See picture of a LAN Party.)
  • Which games are in this tournament?
    • Team Fortress 2: 5v5.  See rules below.
    • StarCraft II: 1v1.  See rules below.
    • If enough interest is gathered, we will have others as well.
    • You can also bring friends and set up your own games if you'd like.
  • What do you need to bring?
    • You need to bring your own laptop with the games you want to play installed.  HCA will not provide games.  However, HCA will provide the equipments needed to connect your laptop to the network.

Date and Time: starts at 12 Noon on Saturday November 13th, goes until 2am on Sunday November 14th

Location: The Study Lounge inside The Vault (bottom of stairwell 9114 in the HUB building).  Play on the Vault's very own Internet. No slow UWS!

To sign up, click here.

All U of A students are welcome!  If you don't live in HUB, write "non-resident" in the "Stairwell and Apartment" field when signing up.  Awesome prizes for the winners!


1) No cheating, anyone found using exploits or hacking will be banned
2) Be courteous, swearing is okay, but not at other players, insults are not permitted
3) Play right, dropping when you're about to lose will be considered a forfeit

TF2 Specific Rules:

Maps will be on rotation, 3 maps each at best of 3 rounds.
Teams will be limited to two of every class, except demomen, medics and engineers, for which there can only be one at a time per team.
Tournament will be double-elimination.

SC2 Specific Rules:

Maps will be on rotation, 3 maps each at best of 1 round.
Tournament will be double-elimination.
We do not have servers, so players will host games according to names given at the beginning of each round.

Questions?    Contact Robert at


We will also be showing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at 5pm on the same day as part of the Harry Potter Movie Marathon.