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Cash Refund Bottle Depot

What is the Refund Program?
The HUB sustainability committee, in cooperation with the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Commission, is pleased to offer students the opportunity to receive drink container deposit refunds in the convenient location of HUB mall. You can bring the bottles any time the office is open and running - we encourage you to utilize this service!

All drink containers (milk, juice, pop, beer etc.) can be brought to the General Office in the Vault to receive a full refund. Please see below for refund details:
(Picture for illustration only and not representative of typical volumes at our event.)

Terms and Conditions
UNCLEAN/UNSAFE (e.g. soiled/moldy/smelly/cut/broken) containers will not be accepted for a refund.
The line will be cut off at a certain time before the event closes.
Participants must sort their items into separate bags, according to volume and material.