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September 2012

Spring & Summer 2012

Mailout 2012: Guide for New Residents

July/August 2012

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Fall 2011 & Winter 2012

October 2011 Edition

September 2011 Edition

Winter 2011

April 2011 Edition

Free BBQ, Cookies, Ice Cream Sundae, Bowling, Final Exec and RA greetings of the term

March 2011 Edition

Banff Trip, Drumheller Trip, Norooz, Annual General Meeting, Exec and RA greeting

February 2011 Edition

English Conversation Club, Lunar New Year Party, Theatre, Elections, Prize Question, Exec and RA greeting

January 2011 Edition

Passport Program winners, HUB Block Party, Yoga, Knitting, Piano, Art classes, Workout Group, Prize Question, Exec and RA greeting

Fall 2010

December 2010 Edition

Holiday programming, Introducing Peer Engagement Assistants, LGBT leadership team, Quiet hours, PEA, Exec and RA greeting

November 2010 Edition

Viva Las Vegas, LAN Party, Harry Potter Movie Marathon, Banff Trip, Talent Show, Exec and RA greetings

October 2010 Edition

Budget Vote Results, Thanksgiving Dinner, Ski and Snowboard Trip, HUB Passport Program, Exec and RA greetings

September 2010 Edition

Movie Nights, IKEA bus trip, Park Day, Zone Gatherings, Beach Party, Academic Day, Hub of Cultures, Elk Island trip, Exec and RA greetings

Spring/Summer 2010

August 2010 Edition

Past Photos, Heritage Festival, Grocery Bus, Photo Contest, Exec and RA greetings

July 2010 Edition

Canada Day, Grocery Bus, Photo Contest, FIFA World Cup, Beach Party, Shakespeare in the Park, Park Day, Exec and RA greetings

June 2010 Edition

Pride Parade, Sundae Sundays, English Conversation Club, Sports, BBQ, Camping Trip, Exec and RA greetings

Winter 2010

April 2010 Edition

Election results, Message from RAs and Execs, Looking back.

March 2010 Edition

Trip to Drumheller, Cultural Dinner Club, Vote in upcoming election.

February 2010 Edition

Haiti Information, International Week 2010, Passport Winners, Lunar New Year, Silver Skate Festival, Exec and RA Messages

January 2010 Edition

Happy New Year, Block Party, Snowman Building, Ski Trip Reminders, Bissell Centre Clothing Donations, Piano Lessons, VP Communications Profile, HCA Survey Results

Fall 2009

December 2009 Edition

Holiday Wishes, November Reflections, 24/7 Quiet Hours, HUB Skylight Project, Paintball, Fuel up for Finals, Gingerbread Event, Holiday Decorating Contest, President's Profile

November 2009 Edition

October Reflections, Remembrance Day, Cookie Giveaway, Free BBQ, Ski and Snowboard Trip, English Conversation Club

October 2009 Edition

Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Carving, Treat or Eat, Support Info, HUB of Cultures, Ski and Snowboard Trip, English Conversation Club

September 2009 Edition

Welcome, Zone Meeting, Budget Meeting, IKEA Trip, Roommate Orientation, Volunteer Opportunities, HUB Passport, RAs, Misc Events

Spring/Summer 2009

Royal Alberta Museum, July Events Report, ESL Club, New Housing Projects, Useful Numbers

July 2009 Edition

Canada Day Fireworks, Legislature Tour Street Performers Festival, June Events Report, Laundry Room Etiquette, Useful Numbers

June 2009 Edition

Summer Message, Summer Events, Ongoing Programs, Facilities, Edmonton Events, Useful Numbers

Winter 2009

Message from President, HUB Caps, Election Results, RA Greetings, Quiet Hours

March 2009 Edition

HUB Caps, Food Safety, Food Chart, RA Zone Messages

February 2009 Edition

HUB Block Party, HCA Elections, Bake Sale, RA Zone Messages

January 2009 Edition

Welcome Back, Rent Increase History, HCA Survey Results, RA Zone Messages

Fall 2008

Holiday Decorating Contest, Things to do Before Leaving for the Holidays, Quiet Hours, RA Zone Messages

November 2008 Edition

2009 HUB International Ski Trip, HCA Survey, English Conversation Club, Noise, Diet Desserts, RA Zone Messages

October 2008 Edition

2009 HUB International Ski Trip, Thanksgiving Dinner, U-Pass, Food Safety, HUB Caps, RA Zone Messages

September 2008 Edition

The Vault, Welcome Message, HUB Executive, HUB RAs, HUB Events, Win Big at HUB Mall, Yoga Classes

Spring/Summer 2008

UWS, Leadership Opportunities, Movies, Recipes, Beijing Olympics, RHA

Winter 2008

HCA Election Results, Year-End BBQ, Furniture Depot, Star Volunteers, Cleaning, Health Hype, Zone Messages

March 2008 Edition

No Smoking In HUB, HCA Elections, Spring Clothing Drive, Health Hype, Upcoming Events, Zone Messages

February 2008 Edition

No Smoking In HUB, HCA Elections, Star Volunteers, Photo/Art Contests, Health Hype, Upcoming Events, Zone Messages

January 2008 Edition

Win Big at HUB Mall, No Smoking In HUB, Rent Increase Info, New DVDs, Fines Policy, Photo/Art Contests, Health Hype, Note Taking Tips, Decorate the HCA

Fall 2007

HCA Survey Results, No Smoking In HUB, Hawrelak Park, Health Hype, Recipes, Gingerbread House Event, Decorating Event, Zone Messages

November 2007 Edition

HCA Surveys, ESL Club, Sexy and Smart, 2008 HCA Ski Trip, U-Pass Shopping, Avoiding Lock Outs, Health Hype, Conquering the Interview, Zone Messages

October 2007 Edition

Trick or Eat, 2008 HCA Ski Trip, ESL Club, Hockey Night in HUB, Remedy Cafe, Recycle in HUB, Community Standards, HCA upgrades

September 2007 Edition

VHS Sale, Welcome Message, HUB Executive, HUB RAs, Volunteer Information, Greening HUB, New Gym, New DVDs

Spring/Summer 2007

VHS Sale, Renter's Insurance, U of A Electronic Communication Policy, Are You Ready for University?, Time Management

Winter 2007

HCA Election Results, Time Management - Part 2, Resume Writing Tips, Study Tips
HCA Election 2007, HCA General Meeting, Time Management - Part 1, Cheap Haircuts
Chinese New Year Dinner, HUB Residence Satisfaction Survey, Ski Trip, Health Hype
HCA Computer Lab, Health Hype, Boost your GPA, Volunteer Opportunities

Fall 2006

Fuel Up for Finals, Ski Trip
Ski Trip, Pictures from Thanksgiving Dinner, Fire Safety, Farmer's Market, Academic Advice
Thanksgiving Dinner, Volunteer Info Night, U of A Electronic Communications Policy, Excelling in First Year
Welcome to HUB Residence, HCA Staff, RAs, HDC, Welcome Week

Spring/Summer 2006

Canoe & BBQ Trip, How to Fight the Heat

June 2006 Edition

Playoffs, New Opportunities for International Students