HCA General Office

The HCA General Office is located in The Vault, bottom of stairwell 9114.

If you would like to request a time for the office to be open other than the times listed on the calendar below, please email winnie@hublife.ca

HCA General Office Hours

If you have any problems, questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. regarding, the office, please contact vp.volunteers@hublife.ca
The office is run solely by HUB volunteers for HUB residents. If you would like to volunteer,  contact vp.volunteers@hublife.ca 


DVD and Vacuum Rentals - The Office provides DVD and Vacuum rentals to current residents at no charge, provided they are returned on time. All rentals require ONEcard identification and a deposit.

Fax machine - The Office has a Fax machine free for all HUB residents to use.  Come down to the office when it's open and ask the office volunteer to help you.

Lost-and-Found - The Office also provides a Lost-and-Found box.  If you find something abandoned in the Vault, please drop it off at the Office.  If you lost something in the Vault, feel free to come by the office to see if others have left it there.

Event Registrations - You can sign up for many events at the HCA Office by cash, OneCard, or even cheque payments. 

Equipment and Game Rentals - You can sign out ping pong balls, paddles, pool cues, playing cards and various board games during office hours. Your OneCard will be required as collateral, and the rented equipment must be returned at the end of the office hours.

Office hours are posted on the Home Page via an online Google calendar.  You can also check our DVD and Vacuum library online:  Click here.
  • DVD Rental Rules:
    • 14-day rental
    • Maximum 2 DVDs at once
    • $20 deposit required for each DVD, given back to you upon returning the DVDs
    • $1 per day late fee
  • Vacuum Rental Rules:
    • 7-day rental
    • Maximum 1 vacuum at once
    • $40 deposit required for each vacuum, given back to you upon returning the vacuum
    • $2 per day late fee
    • Vacuum must be returned clean (canister emptied, vacuum head cleaned and clear of hair, etc.)
    • Up to $40 charge for damaged or not cleaned vacuums
General Office DVD and Vacuum Rental Inventory 

This list is updated live and in real time.  The HCA makes every effort to ensure all items are accurate and up-to-date, however we cannot guarantee the information provided.

We are continually adding to our DVD collection, but we need your help!  If you have any DVDs you would like to see in the collection or would like to donate your own DVDs, please email vp.operations@hublife.ca
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Event/trip Registration

I want to sign up for an event/trip. How can I reserve seats for myself and/or friends?
Your spot on a trip is not firmly reserved until you have paid. The easiest way to do this is to come to the HCA Office during office hours and pay in full with OneCard or cash (for large payments, we accept cheque as well). On some trips we will allow residents to email the event organizers and reserve a spot and arrange a payment in person, but this sort of "reservation" has a limited time span, and we will stop doing in-person payments when the event/trip date is near. 

I came to the office to sign up for a trip but it was full! How can I still go on the trip?
Trips tend to fill up one week before the event date, so sign up early! We will put you on a waiting list and you will be contacted when someone withdraws from the trip. If you don't get contacted from the waiting list, come to the meeting place/time on the day of the trip with the trip payment. There are usually registered attendees who don't show up, in which case you can take their place.

I signed up and paid for an event/trip but now I want to withdraw. Can I have a full refund?
If you can find a replacement person that pays for the trip, we will certainly give the full refund. Otherwise, we will contact the people on the waiting list and if they take your spot, then you will get a full refund.

Equipment Rental

I want to rent two pool cues/ping pong paddles instead of one. Would I need two OneCards to rent both?
No. The office volunteers will accept one OneCard for two equipment rentals at once

I want to play table tennis and pool in the Vault at any time. Can I rent equipment outside of office hours? Why can't you just put out the equipment for HUB residents to use?
In the past we put out pool and table tennis equipment for Vault users to enjoy, but this has stopped due to misuse and abuse of equipment by a very small proportion of Vault users. There is currently no way of renting HCA equipment outside of office hours, though you are always welcome to bring your own equipment. We recognize that renting is not an ideal solution and are working on a selling-at-cost and buyback system which is coming in a few weeks (anticipated June 2012).


Note: Use of the OneCard Machine is no longer offered in the HCA Office for transactions.

If I lose my ONEcard, do I lose the money I have on it?
No.  Your ONEcard cash remains on your account, which you will be able to access with a replacement card.  Please note that lost ONEcards should be reported immediately to the ONEcard office so that no one can access your funds without your knowledge.

What happens to money I have on my ONEcard at the end of the year?
Your ONEcard account balance will automatically be carried over to the next year.  If your ONEcard has no activity for a period of two years it will be deactivated by the University and any balance of funds shall become the property of the University.

Can I withdraw cash from my ONEcard whenever I would like?
No, unfortunately not.  Cash refunds from ONEcard accounts will only be made when the cardholder wishes to permanently close their ONEcard account.  Once an account is closed, the cardholder will not be able to use a ONEcard for any purpose (including debit functions, Vault access, gym access, health clinic access and U-Pass pickup) until they pay a fee (currently $20) to reactivate their account.  Instead of attempting to withdraw cash, it is recommended that cardholders use any money on their ONEcard for purchases at locations across campus that accept ONEcard as a method of payment.

Can I get a refund of the money on my ONEcard when I leave the University?
Yes.  While it is recommended that you use ONEcard funds for ONEcard purchases on campus, if you still have money on your ONEcard when you are leaving the University you can receive a refund.  This can be done by visiting the ONEcard office in-person (office hours and locations at www.onecard.ualberta.ca) to request a refund of your account balance.  Amounts less than $25 will be refunded in cash.  Anything over that amount will be issued by cheque and will be mailed to a Canadian mailing address of your choosing (international mailing is not available).  Cheques generally take up to 2 weeks to arrive.  As mentioned in the previous answer remember that once you request a refund, if you ever need to reactivate your ONEcard account in the future it will be subject to a fee.

Are there any other purchases around campus I can make using money on my ONEcard?
Yes, absolutely!  The laundry machines in HUB, as well as most printers and photocopiers across campus accept ONEcard as the exclusive method of payment.  ONEcard funds can also be used for purchases from the U of A Bookstore and Microstore as well as payments of library fines.  Additionally, your ONEcard can be used for purchases at many food establishments across campus including Aramark-run food outlets, many food outlets in SUB and numerous vending machines.  For a full list of locations that accept ONEcard visit www.onecard.ualberta.ca.

Where can I find a transaction history for my ONEcard purchases and refunds?
Visit the ONEcard website at www.onecard.ualberta.ca, click on "My ONEcard Account" and then click on "Account Transaction History".  A detailed transaction history of all purchases and refunds made on your ONEcard can be reviewed.  Transactions performed at the HUB Community Association office will appear as "FIN,HCA,HUB EXEC".