Peer Engagement Assistants (PEAs)

The Peer Engagement Assistants (PEAs) are volunteer student leaders supporting the RAs of each zone in HUB.  These fantastic folks are here to encourage you to come to our many wonderful events, to answer questions that you may have about HUB and the U of A, to brighten up your day with their smiles and friendliness, and to generally help you make the most of your experience in HUB – your home away from home!

Namaste Zone (8901-8905)

 Tuo Kang Jia Shi

Bonjour Zone (8906-8910)

 Yingsha Zhang Qiushan Li

Konnichiwa Zone (8911-8915)

 Udit Das

Ni Hao Zone (8916-8921)

 Xinyi Xie Xiaowei Lu

Selam Zone (8922-9005)

 Farah Bano Insung Peak

Kia Ora Zone (9006-9011)

 Chengtao Yan Jia (Jessie) Yi

Guten Tag Zone (9012-9101)

 Yihan Shan

Aloha Zone (9102-9106)

 Hilary (Ming Hay) Chin

Jambo Zone (9107-9111)

 Ahmed Hayat

Hola Zone (9112-9204)

 An Li Prasun Kundu

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