Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants (RAs) work for Residence Services and team up with the Executive team to develop events and programs in HUB.  Each RA is also designated to a particular zone in HUB as a resource to the residents of that zone.  RAs take turns being "on-call" for after-hours issues and emergencies.

For information about HUB or UofA programs and services, or to get involved in the community, please feel free to contact your zone RA.  If you are experiencing an urgent issue (eg. lockout, noise complaint, maintenance issue, personal emergency, etc.) please contact the RA On-Call at 780-619-6244 instead of trying to get ahold of your specific zone RA.

Fall 2013 RAs:

Namaste Zone (8901-8905) - Linying Cheng

Hi! My name is Linying Cheng this is my fourth year at U of A, where I’m studying Economics and Psychology. I have lived in HUB and Namaste zone for two year, and I have gained a lot of exciting experiences by being a part of this big family. You will definitely find something you like here. If you have any questions about university or residence life, please don’t hesitate to ask me ( I’ll try my best to answer your questions, help you solve any problems you may have, and be a friendly person in the community that you can count on! :)


Bonjour Zone (8906-8910) - Dane Santos

Hello everyone! I'm Dane, the resident assistant (RA) for Bonjour Zone. This will be my second year living in HUB. It is a great honour and pleasure to be the RA for HUB this academic school year, and I cannot express how excited I am to be part of our community.

A little tidbit about myself is that I'm really into the arts - and arts and design are my passions! I'm also a bit of a gamer and musician. Oh, and I LOVE to cook. So, come join me for a meal! If you ever want to reach me, or want to chat, or if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


PS. I'm from Saskatchewan, so shout out to any Saskatchewan Roughriders fans out there! :)

Konnichiwa Zone (8911-8915) - Amy Arenna

Hello dear residents, my name is Arenna, RA for konnichiwa zone. This is my second year in Canada as well as in hub. I had so much fun living in hub last year so I am sure this is a good choice to live here. I hope we can be friends and share our culture and hobbies. Feel free to email me with any questions and thoughts at Welcome to hub:).

Ni Hao Zone (8916-8921) - Kevin Hwang

Hi! My name is Kevin Hwang and I am the RA of Konnichiwa Zone :) This is my second year at U of A, and I am majoring in Biology. I love hanging out and socializing, so please feel free to talk to me. If you ever have questions about anything or just need someone to talk to, please email me at I’m also always open to new fun things to try, so email me if you just want someone to hang out with! I’m looking forward to seeing you. 

Selam Zone (8922-9005) - Insung Peak

Hi there! My name is Insung Peak and I’m the RA for Selam Zone! This is my 3rd year attending the U of Alberta, studying Psychology as my major and Linguistics as my minor. I have lived in HUB for two years and I love the warm environment HUB give me. This is why I decided to become an RA.  I love cooking for people and meeting new awesome people. So, if you want to either meet me or try my food, please do not hesitate to talk or email me. I think all of us could be really great friends! If you guys have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me as well. I am really hoping to meet all of you and be more involved in this great HUB community together!

Insung :)

Kia Ora Zone (9006-9011) - Fauzi Malik

Hi all, my name is Fauzi Malik. I am in my fourth year of undergraduate study, and I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Chemistry. This is my first time being an RA, so please support and help me to become an awesome RA for you.I am really excited to meet you all and to have fun in the community. Things that I like to do for fun is watching movies. I am open to any kind of movies, but I really love horror movies. I like to play tennis as well. 

If you have any questions or matters to discuss about university life and/or residence life, feel free to contact me at See you.

Guten Tag Zone (9012-9101) - Linda Yan

Hi there! My name is Linda and I’m the RA for Guten-Tag Zone! This is my 3rd year attending the U of Alberta where I am studying Political Science with History as my minor. I love to read, sew, chat with friends over video games and I’m always thrilled to meet more people! I’ll be knocking on your doors as often as I can, emailing you when I can’t come find you in person and I really hope to get everyone connected to the greater HUB and UofA community! I’ve been living in HUB for two years now and it’s been a really great experience and I really hope I can help you as well, so never feel shy to talk to me! I’m always happy to chat anything; personal, academic, or the latest big TV show so never be afraid to email me at or hunt me down for my phone number.
I’m so excited to meet you and look forward to hanging out!

Aloha Zone (9102-9106) - Xiao He (Haley) Xue

Hi! My name is Xiaohe Xue/Haley. I am the Resident Assistant (RA) of Aloha Zone and Nihao Zone. I just finished my second year in the Faculty of Arts with a major in Arts and Design and a minor in Sociology. I love drawing, swimming and hanging out with friends and residents. So don't feel shy. ;) I often email you guys about the fun things I want you to join with me. Also I am a big fan of Animation and movies so if you like them we will definitely become good friends! So far I have lived in HUB for two and half years and the best parts of being here are the great events and the friendly people living here. I hope you enjoy living in HUB as well and I am looking forward to meeting you. Please feel free to email me at

Jambo Zone (9107-9111) - Michael Mazo

Hey everyone. I'm Michael, resident assistant for Jambo zone. I'm so excited for a brand new year, events, programming, new connections.. Lots of new things. I hang out at the vault a lot, so feel free to say hey if you see me around!

Hola Zone (9112-9204) - Ravina Grewal

Hey! My name is Ravina Grewal and I am honoured to welcome you to HUB as your Resident Assistant (RA) for both the Kia Ora Zone and the Hola Zone. In the upcoming fall I’ll be entering my third year in my pursuit of a BSc. I’m originally from Toronto but decided to attend the University of Alberta because I thought it would be an interesting experience. Therefore I know how hard it is to move out from our comfort zones and into the unknown.

I’m a big foodie, I love trying new food places and cooking. If you know of a good place then definitely let me know because I would love to check it out! I’m also a big fan of tv shows and it doesn’t matter how hectic school gets, I always stay on top of every show! And last but not least I love to laugh and make others laugh, so you can recognize me because I always have a smile on my face!

In short, I sincerely promise that if you ever need to talk for personal or academic reasons, I’m more than happy to go out of my way to chat with you so feel free email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Senior RA - Doug Bennet

Hey there! My name is Doug and I'm in the last year of my undergraduate degree at the UofA. I'm studying Psychology with a minor in Music. I previously had a blast completing a two-year program in guitar performance and composition at Grant MacEwan. I began my time in residence as an RA for Schaffer Hall in Lister, and I'm super excited to be the SRA for HUB in the coming year!

In my spare time, I teach stress reduction through meditation as the president of the Mindfulness Meditation Student Group on campus. I love to play guitar, write, and do some computer programming in my spare time, but I'm always trying new things. 

I'm excited to pursue a career as a psychologist, and I'm passionate about using my own experiences with mental illness to help others find their own paths towards greater happiness and well-being.

If you ever want to chat about anything at all, feel free to send me an email at!

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