HLT Reports

This section provides you with updates from the HUB Leadership Team (HLT).  The HLT governs the HCA, runs the community centre of HUB, The Vault, and manages the daily operations of the HCA, among many other things.

March 2012 Final HLT Report

posted Mar 28, 2012, 2:15 AM by Unknown user

Hello HUB Residents!

The school year is quickly coming to the end, and this will be my final HLT report as the President of the HUB Community Association.  I would like to give you a summary of what the HUB Leadership Team has advocated and accomplished for you this entire year, starting from the most recent.

We have a new piano!  The HUB Leadership Team bought a new piano for HUB residents to use. The piano, along with the old one, is in the piano room in The Vault.  The old piano was tuned as well, and both are available free for all HUB residents to use, 24 hours a day.

Other additions to The Vault this year include a new Ping Pong table, some new bar tables and chairs, and a new security screen showing footage from the security cameras in The Vault.  The security screen has been proved useful in catching and stopping concerning activities in The Vault. New DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and vacuum cleaners were bought to include in the rental library in The Vault.

To improve security-related issues, the Loundry room in HUB has finally been equipped with a ONEcard-swipe machine.  People can no longer get into the Laundry room with a key code, which was known to a lot of people outside of HUB, making it very insecure.  From now on, only HUB residents can open the Laundry room door by swiping their ONEcards.  All ONEcard swipes are recorded, and if there are any concerns, the ONEcard office can check the records to find out exactly whose ONEcards were used at what times.   Note that The Vault already has ONEcard-swipe machines of this type.

Related to security concerns, mirrors have been installed in Stairwell 8902, which is where the bus stop and the LRT entrance is.  These mirrors are a pilot project aimed at providing residents using that stairwell an increased alertness of the surroundings.  Should they be proved effective, mirrors will be installed in other stairwell.  Also, there is now a campus peace officer stationed in HUB, Tracey Giroux, who can quickly respond to emergency situations in HUB.  She has been very helpful in security incidents in HUB and we are fortunate to have her.

We realize that the main issue concerning HUB security is that the stairwell entrances to HUB residence have no locks and anyone, regardless of who they are, can enter this building 24-hours a day.  The HUB Leadership Team (representing the HUB Community Association and all of you), together with the Residence Halls Association at the University of Alberta, advocated wholeheartedly for the installation of security locks on all entrances to the HUB building.  According to Ancillary Services at the university, such a project would take approximately 2 million dollars.  Of course, the HUB Leadership Team do not wish for the cost to be levied from HUB residents, who should enjoy the entitled security without paying extra. Talks on how to fund such a project are still on-going, and the HUB Leadership Team next year will continue to push for the project to become reality.

The HUB Leadership Team this year has been extraordinarily vocal about the rights, conditions, and well-being of HUB residents. Besides the Residence Halls Association and Residence Services, we have talked to Ancillary Services, Campus Protective Services, the Office of Sustainability, the Career Centre, the Sexual Assault Centre, many charitable organizations, etc. I personally have spoken to the university student newspaper, The Gateway, regarding concerns raised by a few ex-residents.  The HUB Community Association also has a very active social media presence, with its Facebook and Twitter pages frequently updated.

The HUB Leadership Team will have a final meeting on April 2, 2012, and will restart with the new 2012/2013 team in May. I would like to give the 2012/2013 HCA President Mary Zhou and her team the best wishes in the coming year, and hope you will find your experience staying in HUB a pleasant one.

Best of luck to you,

Richard Zhao
HCA President, 2011/2012.

February 2012 HLT Report

posted Mar 1, 2012, 10:34 PM by Unknown user

Hi HUB residents,

Thank you for responding to the HUB survey. Your feedback is very important to us. I'd like to bring to your attention that there have been a string of personal thefts in HUB Mall. Please be extra vigilant about your belongings. Call UA Protective Services if you observe anyone suspicious or if you observe anyone taking a cell phone at 780-492-5050.  The HCA is working closely with UAPS and Residence Services to provide you with better security measures in HUB.

You might also have heard in the news that a few (former-) residents have raised concerns regarding living conditions in HUB units and issues encountered with residence services. The HCA is aware of the issues, and we believe in constructive dialogue with the relevant bodies to resolve these issues in the most civilized way. The HCA has been, and will always be representing your voice, and we have weighed in our opinions numerous times and we are making a difference: the extra police officer stationed in HUB, the security cameras in the community centre, to name a few.  From the HUB annual survey, we can see that 83.7% of respondents feel safe in public areas in HUB, and 72.3% of respondents report neural or satisfied with Maintenance services in HUB.

HUB is still a warm and welcoming community.  Each one of you is a valuable part of the community and we'd never want you to miss out on our events.  Events to look forward to include our Crazy Stress-Buster Weekend March 3-4 filled with drums, swing dances, ping pong, pool, foosball and air hockey tournaments, and a trip to the dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta!   Hope to see you join us!

Richard Zhao
HCA President

January 2012 HTL Report

posted Jan 24, 2012, 8:31 AM by Unknown user

Hi HUB residents,

Winter is here, you'll find that Edmonton weather is as predictable as the winner of a lottery, please watch the forecast often and wear appropriate clothes to keep yourselves warm. We don't like to see you sick!

Happy new year!  This year it's HUB's new year resolution to bring you great programs and a number of new initiatives. There are new mirrors installed in stairwell 8902, so when you enter that stairwell, you can see if there is anyone above or below you on the stairs.  This is a pilot period for a new security feature in HUB. Please let us know if the mirrors are useful, and if so, more will be installed in other stairwells. As always, the issue of security of HUB residence remains high on our priorities.  We are holding meetings with the representatives from the University Protective Services, and the Ancillary Services.

The HUB Sustainability Committee has put forward proposals for new recycling services in HUB. We wish to bring you a greener and an environmentally friendly place to live and work. More updates to follow on that.

From the HUB survey, HUB residents wanted another block party. You ask, we listen!  There will be a rather interesting costume party coming up February 4. We will put up posters for it soon!

Richard Zhao
HCA President

December 2011 HLT Report

posted Dec 12, 2011, 10:57 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 11:32 PM ]

Hello HUB residents!

In case you haven't been told, HUB now has a full-time "police officer".  Actually the correct name is the University of Alberta Protective Services Community Liaison Officer.  Her name is Tracey Giroux, and she is stationed at the south end of HUB, right beside stairwell 8902.  She is here to create a safe community for us, and deal with any safety issues that we may have.  She may also be going around HUB Mall and knocking on doors of HUB residents, so please don't be afraid to answer your door.  You can find more information about her from the HUB Insider newsletter:

There have been a few incidents in The Vault, but rest assured, the HLT will make sure that we serve your best interest.  We are in the process of obtaining new pool cues, ping pong paddles, and air hockey pucks.  We are also creating a new policy for equipment usage in The Vault, which will come into effect in January.

Good luck on your upcoming exams, and I hope you have a great winter holiday!

Richard Zhao
HCA President 

November 2011 HLT Report by the HCA President

posted Dec 12, 2011, 10:11 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 10:12 PM ]

Hello everyone! I hope your classes are going well. It's certainly been busy for me.  I'd like to bring you some updates on the things the HCA has been working on, besides bringing you the many events throughout the year. As some of you are aware, in the recent past a few HUB stairwells were vandalized with derogatory comments. The HCA is taking this issue very seriously. We have had meetings with Residence Services, the Residence Halls Association, and raised this issue to relevant authorities, including Campus Protective Services. Rest assumed, we are working as hard as we can to help providing a safe and friendly environment for you to live in.  If you've been using the Vault, you may have noticed a security screen newly installed in the common area, as well as a suggestion box near the door. This is just one example of the security initiatives we have taken. Feel free to drop us a note in the suggestion box if you have any concerns. Thank you and have a great November!

Richard Zhao
HCA President

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