HUB Sustainability Committee (HSC)

The HUB Sustainability Committee is made up of HUB residents who are passionate about sustainability issues and making a difference. We are working together with the other sustainability groups on campus (Office of Sustainability, SustainSU, etc) to improve the environmental sustainability of the HUB residence. 

Initiatives we are currently working on:
  • reducing styrofoam usage of HUB mall food vendors
  • implementing recycling centres at various locations along HUB mall
  • EcoMoveout - reducing waste associated with residence move-outs
  • small blue bins for every unit
Events we have hosted:
  • Earth Hour 2012 (glow-in-the-dark capture the flag and hot chocolate)
  • Wealth out of Waste (craft project using 
  • HSC Freeze Mob Kickoff
  • Chuchill Retirement Community visit

If you want to get involved, please contact