Volunteer With Us

Are you interested in getting involved in your community? We are always looking for volunteers to run the Rental Office or to help out at events!  We also organize volunteer opportunities outside of the campus community for HUB residents to participate in.

If you are passionate about an idea or program and would like to develop it for HUB residents, come talk to us!  We can provide you with support for your program and help to get it in motion.

For more information about any volunteer opportunities, contact our VP Volunteers at vp.volunteer@hublife.ca or at rabib@hublife.ca

If you are a current volunteer, click here to access the Volunteers Wiki.

Looking to get involved in the Residence community? Looking for additional volunteer experience for your résumé? There is wide variety of volunteer positions available in the HUB community. Here is a list of some of the volunteer positions available.

HCA General Office Volunteer

    This is the most important volunteer position of the HCA. Office volunteers act as the staff for the HUB Community Association general office. Volunteers run the vacuum and DVD rental services, the bottle depot program, assist residents with faxing as well as event registration. This opportunity will be fantastic for those who enjoy interacting with people and want to build their resume. It would also be a great way to gain experience handling cash. The time commitment is a 2 hour shift once or twice weekly.

Piano Instructor

    Preferably with a piano skill level of RCM Grade 7 or above, though there's no hard prerequisite. You will arrange lessons with students through VP Volunteers and volunteer on your own time. Sheet music is provided, though you are free to use your own. This is a fun and rewarding volunteering opportunity that requires little time commitment. It's also a great way to meet fellow HUB residents and immerse in a relaxing activity, gain leadership and hands-on experience.

Event Volunteer

    The HUB Community Association puts many events throughout each semester and is always looking for volunteers to help out at the events. Responsibilities could include helping to plan the event, assisting with sign-ups and advertising, or volunteering at the event itself. The time commitment varies according to the number of events and program occurring, as well as your availability. 

Zone Rep

    Intent of the Position: Zone Representatives (Zone Reps) are ten elected officials of the HUB Community Association (HCA) who have voting authorityat HCA Executive Meetings. The scheduling of bi-weekly Executive Meetings will take into consideration the availability of zone reps and strongly encourage their participation as voting members. The Zone Rep position provides a learning opportunity to see HCA governance and leadership processes in action, with the hope that many of those filling the position in the current year will run for election in subsequent years. As potential future HCA executives and Resident Assistants (RAs), zone reps and are also welcome to sit on other Association meetings such as the joint RA-Executive meetings (will occur monthly).

Sustainability Committee

    This is a perfect opportunity for any residents who are interested in green living, or sustainability (both social and environmental). The committee will be starting from scratch, building ideas and working towards implementing projects to improve sustainability in HUB. So this is an excellent and exciting time to become involved! We are looking for anyone with ideas and enthusiasm!

Constitutional Investigative Review Committee

    Each year the CIRC meets to review HUB Community Association (HCA) Constitution and recommends any changes that need to be made. Meeting frequency is set after the first meeting once the initial review of the constitution has been made. In previous years meeting frequency has ranged from once a week to once a month.